Caterraduno RAIDUE 2019 (27 june/29 june)

The Caterraduno is the week in which the two radio programs Caterpillar am and Caterpillar broadcast live from Senigallia with the presence of listeners, offering shows, meetings and free concerts.
Information, civil battles and scathing humor for the event that for over 10 years attracts a population of enthusiasts from all over Italy who wants enjoy the fun dispensed from the brilliant vein of the two historic conductors Massimo Cirri and Filippo Solibello

Summer Jamboree (31 july/11 august)

International music festival focused on culture and music of the forties and fifties.
On this theme, it is considered the most important event of its kind in Europe and the second most important in the world.
The festival, with free admission, is held in summer for the duration of a week, usually beginning with the last weekend of July.
The event involves the whole city: bars, clubs and symbolic places (Piazza del Duca, la Rotonda, …) are decorated with themes.

Fiera di Sant’Agostino (27/30 august)

Historical fair that takes place in Senigallia along the banks of the river Misa and in the historic center of the Adriatic city.
Almost 500 stalls take part each time, attracting a large number of tourists and citizens.
It takes place in the last week of August every year.

Pane Nostrum 29 edizione (september)

Breadmakers in action in the “open-pit ovens”, three large spaces dedicated to courses, laboratories and tastings, sale of bread by the over 50 stands of local producers.
The event continues with the “Pane Marchigiano di Filiera”, a bread made according to the rules of “traceability”.